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2 min readNov 21, 2020

Pittsburgh, PA — ( NewMediaWire ) — November 20, 2020 — Designed to allow school districts to accurately create live-touch, interactive maps of their buildings to share with first responders in the case of an emergency, Sight On Scene by B-Three Solutions promises safer schools through improved visibility for disaster response.

A revolutionary piece of technology, Sight On Scene provides police, fire, and other emergency personnel with a detailed visual of the structure they’ll be entering before they even arrive on the scene. “School staff members are empowered with a visibility and communication tool designed to better protect them and their students during evacuation or ‘shelter in place’ scenarios,” explains a B-Three Solutions representative.

Key features of Sight On Scene include a DIY floor plan builder, security camera integration, and beacon tracking technology. According to B-Three Solutions, the DIY floor plan builder allows for the quick and easy creation of floor plans for all of the buildings in a given school district.

Drag-and-drop drawing tools equip Sight On Scene users with the ability to upload and trace blueprints in order to create accurate maps without the need for expensive outside services or similar costly computer-aided design data. “Camera integration, working directly alongside existing security camera systems, allows authorized Sight On Scene users to create live, interactive views of their buildings’ interiors,” adds a member of the B-Three Solutions team, “which can also be shared with first responders and other emergency personnel should the need arise.”

“Beacon tracking technology can then simultaneously turn mobile devices using the accompanying Sight On Scene app into tracking beacons to monitor the location of first responders, school employees, building visitors, and others during an emergency,” they add.

Sight On Scene’s interactive floor plans are available to participating personnel during an emergency situation, allowing them to accurately pinpoint the location of unfolding events while familiarizing themselves with all aspects of a school building’s layout.

Established over a decade ago, B-Three Solutions is a Pittsburgh-based software development company that provides intelligence, integration, and improvement solutions to businesses and other organizations through software. With a portfolio of expertise in a wide variety of industries and boasting a growing roster of more than 30 talented and diversely skilled IT professionals, B-Three Solutions is perfectly positioned to assemble in-house project teams unique to the needs of each individual client.

In addition to its DIY floor plan builder, camera integration, and beacon tracking technology, other features of the SOS security mapping tool include universal accessibility, panoramic images, an in-app chat feature, and more. For further information about Sight On Scene from B-Three Solutions, visit the Sight On Scene website or search online for B-Three Solutions.

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