B-Three Solutions Outlines When to Choose Custom Software Over COTS Products

B-Three Solutions
3 min readJan 28, 2021

Leading software company B-Three Solutions shares an expert look at when to opt for custom software over a commercially available off-the-shelf product.

PITTSBURGH, PA, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2021 / EINPresswire.com/ — B-Three Solutions specializes in developing custom software and prioritizes project quality, schedule, and cost to ensure that its clients receive an impeccable product on time and on budget. As industry leaders, the B-Three team expertly outlines when to choose a custom solution over an existing piece of commercially available software.

“When choosing between COTS and custom, it’s about understanding when to simply purchase a product, and when to have something more specialized put together,” explains a member of the B-Three Solutions team, speaking from the leading software firm’s headquarters in the Steel City of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

COTS-or commercial off-the-shelf-products are readily available pieces of software designed to fulfill the needs of a broad range of individuals, businesses, and other organizations.

Commercially available off-the-shelf products, B-Three Solutions says, often do an excellent job of meeting the majority of purchasers’ needs. Examples of COTS software include operating systems, word processing tools, and email clients such as Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail. Where an operation has outgrown the scope of such applications, however, a custom alternative is often called for.

According to B-Three Solutions, there’s also another reason for choosing custom software over off-the-shelf products, above and beyond having outgrown what’s commercially available. This, the leading Pittsburgh-based software firm states, is when a solution simply doesn’t exist on the open market. “When a client needs a solution to a problem that cannot be solved with an existing, readily available piece of software, they turn to experts such as ourselves,” reveals a B-Three team member.

A prime example of this, B-Three Solutions reports, is its celebrated Sight On Scene security mapping application. A custom security mapping tool, SOS by B-Three Solutions allows school districts to accurately create live-touch, interactive maps of their buildings. These can then be shared with first responders in an emergency, meaning safer schools through improved visibility for disaster response.

With a DIY floor plan builder, security camera integration, beacon tracking technology, an in-app chat function, and more, no other product does what Sight On Scene can do, according to B-Three Solutions.

While standalone applications exist to tackle some of what Sight On Scene can do, no combination of commercially available off-the-shelf products could come close to providing the overall level of functionality that Pittsburgh-based B-Three has achieved, the company says.

Its custom solution was envisioned from the ground up to empower and provide unparalleled visibility and open channels of communication to school staff members. In this regard, only a piece of custom software would suffice, they suggest.

Other reasons for choosing custom software over COTS products, meanwhile, include when specific user requirements cannot be met, when stringent workflows cannot be adapted to suit a COTS product, or when security implications prevent an organization from using an off-the-shelf solution for any reason.

“In the longer term, a piece of custom software will very often pay for itself many times over,” adds B-Three Solutions.

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